Drowning In Garbage

I love the convenience of Amazon.  Time is what I have in shortest supply.  Having a stream of the things that I need or want showing up on my door step at the click of a button is enormously valuable to me.  But I am nonetheless horrified at the growing ratio of packaging to product.  And I imagine that the last mile logistics companies shifting from a small number of large deliveries (to retail stores) to a large number of small deliveries (to end-consumer homes) does not help the per-util carbon footprint.  I found myself thus despondent when I received my ostensibly eco-friendly rechargeable batteries delivered by themselves in an ungodly amount of non-biodegradable packaging this evening.  It didn’t even register on my brain that there was a recycling label on the bag before it went into the trash and I suspect that even when this stuff is theoretically recyclable the vast majority of it goes into landfills.  Ugh.


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