FedEx Hell Week

A few months ago I sprung for a “Yoko” yoke by Virtual Fly.  I was happy enough with its construction that I decided to gift myself for Christmas a set of their “Ruddo” pedals.  I can report that they are of a similarly awesome quality.  Both are a substantive upgrade from the Saitek items I had previously, providing a tactile experience fairly authentic to a Cessna.

While I am happy they arrived in time for my year-end loafing, I am mildly perturbed not just by FedEx leaving them sitting on my door stoop on Wednesday, but the clear fakery in which they engaged to do this.  Both the yoke and pedals were shipped internationally and required a signature.  Naturally my schedule required that I pick up the yoke from the FedEx facility.  And it was perhaps folly on my part to order the pedals so close to Christmas that FedEx would be operating in #fuckit mode.  It seems as if they showed up at 1343, logged a delivery exception, filled out a door tag, then decided to leave it anyway at 1345 _and_ claim that I signed for it.  This is a little terrifying since on other occasions FedEx has mis-delivered my stuff to the local high school, which regrettably shares an identical street address modulo s/Court/Ave/;.  I can’t wait until the when they both mis-deliver an important package _and_ fake a signature.

It seems as if “another attempt will be made” meant “60 seconds from now”.


But, all’s well that ends well…  This time…

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