Robotics Journal

I just now finished transferring a journal of my robotics work to this here WordPress site to co-habitate with my other blogging activities, backdating the entries accordingly.  It involved a fair amount of work but it’s done and it feels good.

Now I just have to finish the project that I started so long ago.  Going through the transfer process entailed proofing and thus re-reading everything I’ve done.  It is both heartening, seeing all of the obstacles I have surmounted, and dismaying, seeing how bursty my work on the project has been.  Hidden in the gaps are various life events and other distractions that have drawn my attention elsewhere.  The mirrored version of the robotics journal thus far could be a whole other story that remains largely unwritten.  Therein lies a collection of life lessons for me to ponder.

I think with one good day’s work I can have a walking, or at least stumbling, robot brought to life.  But the record shows that I have thought this previously.  Details, details…

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