Order Of Operations

I’m all for justice and equality.  But can we agree that the following is a crappy algorithm for an organization to follow?

  1. receive allegations about employee misconduct
  2. punish employee
  3. thoroughly investigate veracity of allegations

Justice delayed is justice denied, but so, too, is justice rushed.

From the Washington Post

Minnesota Public Radio said it has retained an outside law firm to conduct an “independent investigation” into the allegations [about Garrison Keillor]. The station will stop distributing and broadcasting “The Writer’s Almanac,” a show Keillor still produced after retiring from “A Prairie Home Companion.” The latter show, which will be renamed, has been hosted by Chris Thile since Keillor’s retirement.

Shouldn’t the “independent investigation” have been given time to run its course before taking such drastic and public measures?  Let us have “speedy and public trials … by … impartial jur[ies]”, not mob justice, not witch hunts.

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