It’s Package Managers All The Way Down

I just wanted to run the angular-cli on a recently built Fedora 24 box.  Unfortunately getting it installed was an exercise in coaxing along a poorly coordinated collection of package management software.  Ultimately what works is…

sudo dnf install git
sudo dnf install fedora-repos-rawhide
sudo dnf install --enablerepo rawhide nodejs libuv --best --allowerasing
sudo npm install -g angular-cli

… which provides the grounding for a successful run of…

ng new angular2-fundamentals

… but getting there meant slogging through angular-cli first blowing up because it assumed that Git would already be installed and then blowing up again because the version of NodeJS installed to support NPM’s own dependency was not adequate for angular-cli’s requirements.  Ugh.  This is the manner of hazing inflicted on you to make sure that you really want to use the software.  And even now, having superficially seemed to succeed, I’m not even sure I really did, as the install of angular-cli itself threw some “errors” that maybe were just warnings.  Who knows…

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